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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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were flocking to the ocean beach yesterday in san francisco. here is pam right here. >> back in college.>> take extra care, they are worried about the rip tides, they can be very strong, so hang on to that little kid getting close to the water.>> it is a nice day to be out there due to that heat, but do be careful. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, september 26. i am dave clark. good morning, i am pam cook. i guess it will cool off after today. >> a little tomorrow and in very much so, but today will be a very warm day. it was hot yesterday, and the oakland airport and sfo saying 94, one tying the record in one setting the record, and the old mountain view record set, and san jose tied the record from
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1952. for the sawmill fire, starting off very warm, and that eastern component of the breeze may be a component of the southerly breeze that will be kicking and later, and that would help. no fog it yet, and i doubt it will make an impact, well off the coast and play a role in the weather tomorrow. the coast will get in on the warm up as well, 50s and 60s with warm temperatures already, near 70 degrees for some. cooler at woodside, but los altos at 73, and extremely warm air, and you can see everything going offshore. we have that trump off the coast allowing it to warm up as well, so it is not just inland, everybody is in on the warm temperatures today. 80s and 90s, near 100. we have a decent commute for those wanting to get on the road early, solano commute not
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bad from fairfield or vallejo, a 27 minute drive between vacaville and vallejo. as you drive to the cordelia junction, now is a good time to go. let's talk about the commute on interstate 880 in oakland, traffic looking nice as we monitor this situation. when you get to the bay bridge, traffic is nice and light getting into san francisco. visibility is good all over the bank. 4:32 am. the san mateo county sheriff's office is warning parents about a suspicious incident in san carlos involving a man and a young boy. the 12-year-old boy was walking near the central middle school yesterday afternoon, and a man in a silver sedan pulled up and offered him a ride. when the boy said no, the driver persisted until the boy
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threatened to call the police, and then the man drove away. investigators say they do not know whether the man was trying to help the child or a possible child predator. >> it is alarming to hear about this, and i think we have heard about other cases a few months ago with people driving around in cars and engaging the kids sometimes, so it is scary. >> they say the man was white, about 70 years old with gray and white to medium length hair and if you have any information call the san mateo county sheriff's office. the send button -- the oakland police say a man tried to abduct a woman it done point on 57th street early saturday morning. the woman was able to get away and was not hurt, but anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police. the oakland police are also investigating a deadly shooting that occurred yesterday morning around 1 am not far from the west oakland bart station.
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it is unclear what led to the shooting, but they think it is possibly a drive-by, and no arrests have been made. the oakland police unveiling a new station that is known for a hotspot criminal activity, and it is a small space, but the police are hoping that the benefits extend far beyond the walls.>> reporter: this busy street corner has had its share problem, gambling, shootings and drug sales, but the oakland police have set up shop with a new station near the busy intersection.>> we are officially open, [ applause ].>> reporter: our cameras for the first inside the new community station, a safe place to write up reports and meet with the residents, and it is new stomping grounds for the cops and the community.
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>> we want to be here, we are, and we love it. >> reporter: the police say they can help stop crime by coming and going to the station, and the open city council members says that the neighborhood has been plagued by violent crime and quality of life issues. >> when you see a police person on a regular basis, it can help the at our some of this activity.>> this is what puts us on that hopeful path.>> reporter: the seed was planted for decades ago, and the property owner at the time envisioned a police substation in the plaza someday, and the property owner's daughter joined the police, city and local leaders to make this a reality for the neighborhood. >> they helped to build it and they can feel comfortable coming year. they have a safe place to actors -- to access the internet, do their homework, and what better way than to
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interact with law enforcement.>> reporter: the oakland police are hoping the new station will help them to break the barriers and to fight the crime. henry lee, ktvu fox news. the people in oakland have another chance to weigh in on what they want to the in the next police chief, and tonight there is a public meeting at city hall at 6:30 pm, the latest in the series of meetings getting public input on the new police chief selection. we have a full list of when and where the community forums take place, go to mornings on 2 on and click on the web links. colin kaepernick continues to receive reports -- support from his colleagues, and on one knee during the national anthem and some teammates raising their fist. on the field the 49ers were no match for the seahawks, and
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there was a scary moment for the quarterback russell wilson in the third quarter, he sprained his left knee on an illegal tackle from eli harold and he left the game, but that did not help the 49ers, the running back scoring two touchdowns and coming up short, 37-18, and they will host the cowboys this weekend. the raiders defense was the worst in the nfl for the first two weeks, and hanging on for the win in tennessee, just before halftime, the quarterback connects for the touchdown, and the raiders win, 17-3 at the half, but did not get another point, tennessee driving in the final minutes and appeared to have tied the game of the touchdown pass but it was called back because of the offensive pass interference. the raiders defense stopped the
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titans with 16 seconds left, and they win, 17-10. back the defense won the game so we can get off of their back now. that was a prime example of what i have seen every day in practice.>> the raiders improving the record, 2-1, playing baltimore next. the warriors having that angle media day in oakland as golden state gets ready for another season, and another shot at the mba championship. they hosted the fourth annual family basketball clinic in downtown oakland featuring kevin durant, draymond green and klay thompson as they show the dozens of parents and kids how to improve and sharpen their basketball skills, a slamdunk. steph curry's wife is staying very busy, and we spoke with her right here on mornings
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on 2 about her new book, and she will be at the commonwealth club with the famous ship -- famous chef michael mina, and collaborating on a popular restaurant, "international smoke, and she was signing copies of her new book, and everything starts at noon, admission is $20 for members of the commonwealth club, and $30 for nonmembers. skyhigh rent in the bay area but there is some good news, and in two local cities, the rent is actually dropping. they will not reimburse the first responders in the san bernardino shooting attack and the reason they made the decision. still looking pretty good for the most part on this monday morning commute on highway 4 westbound as you head to the maccarthur maze.
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it is a roller coaster ride on the temperatures, up, down, and by the end of the week way down, but today more records.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the time now is 4:42 am. congressional leaders say they will override the bill that would allow 9/11 victim families to sue saudi arabia, the first time that congress has overridden one of the president of be toes -- vetoes, and they say the bill would invite lawsuit against the u. s. and weaken the national security, and it passed in the house and senate with overwhelming support, and two thirds vote needed to override
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the veto, and there is suspicion that saudi arabia was supporting the september 11 attacks in some way, 15 of the 19 hijackers were from saudi arabia. the man accused of the deadly shooting rampage at the mall in washington state, arcan cetin was arrested after opening fire inside the macy's store in berlin give killing for women -- four women and one man, one victim was a cancer survivor, at the others ranging from the 50s to 95 years old. >> the next stage is to do the interviews, and to learn more from him, if he is willing to share that with us. >> they say that arcan cetin was shouting out women's names before he started firing but there is no official motive for the shooting. the teenager immigrated to the
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u. s. from turkey as a child and is a legal and permanent resident, was repeatedly charged with domestic violence and under a quarter order prohibiting him from possessing a gun. governor brown has veto legislation that would allow them to reimburse local agencies for the cost of the mass shooting is san bernardino, and the governor had high praise for those that rushed to the scene of the deadly terror attack, but says he does not want to set a precedent for full reimbursement in future emergencies in california. normally the state will repay the local agencies 75%. a local tour bus in china hit a tree near yosemite killing one passenger and injuring a dozen saturday on highway 41 south of the community, 22 people were on the bus that were heading to the hotel and fresno after visiting yosemite national
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park. the driver suffered moderate injuries but is expected to survive, and the passengers were mostly 12 the 15-year-old student. the police in the city of belton and orange county arrested two men and a teenage girl for the death of three people, including the girls parents, and they found the bodies of jennifer and christopher along with a family friend, and they found two children at the home that were not hurt. they arrested a 21-year-old man, a 25-year-old man, and the 17-year-old girl. the daughter was upset because her parents would not allow work to date the 25-year-old man. in minnesota thousands attended a memorial service for a boy that became a's symbol for boys nationwide, kidnapped and for 27 years his fate was
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unknown, and the killer lead to the boy's remains, and the family of jacob wetterling shared their memories and thank the community -- thank the community for their support for through the years. >> all of these years later we continue to rely on the support of friends, and so many of you are here today. jacob in your hearts, continues to be felt through each of you. >> they passed the jacob wetterling act requiring states to register and track sex offenders. it is for 40 6 am. -- 4:46 am. good morning, we are watching the early morning commute developing on 580 westbound as we take a look at the road sensors that are beginning to tell us that the traffic is slow driving through tracy, and that is near the
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mountain house exit, and not too bad through livermore. most of the traffic is not here yet so you do have a nice commute through the area if you're getting on the road now. westbound 92 looks pretty good heading up to the high rise with no major issues. your morning commute looking good if you're driving on the westbound bay bridge approach. it is 4:47 am. it is going to be hot today. >> i know, i've been watching your forecast here >> we hit the records yesterday, and not surprised today, but we will be closed for many, and everybody under this dome of high pressure, and 94 time that record at oakland, and setting that record at sfo, and shattering that record of 91. it is going to be very tough for the firefighters at the sawmill fire starting off in
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the 60s and evan these, and still a hint of a northeasterly breeze that could turn southerly later today, but that will not stop the low humidity and warm temperatures. tomorrow looks a little better, and much better on wednesday. zero chance of fog forming today, still to getting the offshore breeze, not much of an impact. when fairfield has an easterly breeze, that is about all that you need to know, no delta breeze whatsoever. 50s, 60s, near 70 even in the city, 59 in gilroy, 60 in santa cruz, cupertino at 73. some locations are running just a bit cooler in fairfield, but most of running warmer than 24 hours ago. we know how warm it was on sunday, and that will carry into today. not in truckee, 34, 54 in ukiah, 64 in monterey to, 73 in
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la. it is a toasty day. i think this will reverse itself by tomorrow, but the seabreeze will not help us today. 80s, 90s, near 100 are some. -- for some, it will hit 90, near 100. it will cool down by the end of the week. it is 4:49 am. central valley farmers are ignoring the call for groundwater reservation, they are drilling faster than ever before, digging 2500 wells in the san joaquin valley last year, five times the average in the previous 30 years, the highest number on record. they are often digging wells that are twice as deep as the typical well, and they say they have no choice since the water allegations are very low.
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governor brown's signed a bill to limit the pumping but that does not take effect for four more years. there is a chance for a major earthquake hitting the bay area, there is a 72% probability of a explain seven magnitude or greater earthquake in the bay area before 2043. the last time a prediction was made the chances were estimated at 63%, and they say a smaller just -- seismologist say it is a 26% on the calaveras fault. generating power by driving on the road to california and in 20 minutes, the new technology that could make the dream a reality. sad news about terry jones, the monty python actor, the rare diagnosis that is causing
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him to lose the ability to speak.
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monty python actor and director terry jones has the diagnosed with a rare form of dementia, the 74-year-old is suffering from primary progressive, affecting his ability to communicate, best known for writing and
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performing the monty python television series from 1969-74. and in canada on the weeklong visit, take middleton arriving in victoria, british columbia with their two kids, prince george and princess charlotte, the first overseas trip for one-year-old charlotte, and three old george has traveled with his parents to australia and new zealand. >> we are delighted to be back in canada, and so pleased that george and charlotte could be with us this time round, beginning their lifetime friendship with this wonderful country. >> the royal family will spend the next several days traveling across british columbia and heading back to the uk on saturday. the oakland a's completing a series against the oakland a's those in la tonight, and they broke out of the slump, and ryan healy had a two run
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homer, and helping the a's win after being shut out back-to- back, and the rangers fell into a tie for the home field advantage in the playoffs a. the giants lost to the padres in san diego yesterday, 4-3, and san diego lost the national west division, and the giants returning to the at&t park for six games that will determine whether they reach the playoffs as a wild-card team. san francisco will join the final homestand against the colorado rockies. denzel washington move, the remake of "the magnificent seven" featuring chris pratt bringing in an estimated $35 million in the debut weekend, a western with a multicultural cast, and the director also directed denzel washington in "training day."
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it had one of the biggest openings for a western ever.  and "storks" had a $21.8 million opening, and the third- place is the clint eastwood movie, "solely" -- "sully". and those that never want to miss a moment that could go viral, the company is releasing a pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera, and snapchat also announces it will modify its formal name as "snap, ink. -- "snap, inc." and the new sunglasses will direct -- will connect directly to the app. it is getting
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harder for people to keep up with the cost of living in the bay area, a new report on how hard the struggle is despite the increase in wages. suspected hate crimes tied to the popular street festival in san francisco. looking pretty good for the most part if you're driving on the bay bridge getting into separate as though, looking pretty good into the city. sunny and warm weather, or rather sunny and hot weather, all over, along the coast and bay is well.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the hot weather and steep terrain challenging for fire crews in the sawmill fire. the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you
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for joining us on this monday morning, september 26, and i am pam cook. i am dave clark. we start with developing news in sonoma county, mandatory evacuation due to the sawmill fire that started late yesterday morning 10 miles east of cloverdale, and it has grown to 1500 acres. the sawmill fire is only about 10% contained endangering three dozen homes. mandatory evacuation in place for geysers road on the cloverdale site, and from pine mountain road to the geyser resort road. fire crews are making progress. so far no injuries have been reported, and no structures or buildings have been damaged or destroyed. we will hear from the live report in sonoma county coming up in the next half-hour. let's check in steve paulson about the weather, and


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